Creative Play: Walls & Floors for Kids

Reimagine kids’ spaces via clever wall, floor and ceiling designs that encourage wonder, creativity and play – all factors more important than ever, considering that returning to school and other activities is uncertain in the near future. Designs call for interaction, engaging all the senses and aiming to be educative as well as entertaining.

1. Look beyond walls: floors and ceilings become a focus for action and alternative narratives via colour and pattern, with solutions that create immersive zoned play and rest areas.

2. Make it flexible: propose customisable environments for kids to create their own displays with clever shelving, wall kits and dividers that make space for play, focus and more.

3. Defy convention: think outside the box to find new routes to fresh and surprising design by mixing and juxtaposing varied references.

4. Make it fun and cosy: from climbing walls and frames to draw-on wall paints and trompe-l’oeil scenes, make kids’ rooms a safe space to enjoy and spend time in.