Dramatic Metallics

New metallic designs play a lead role across interiors, from dramatic optical effects to tactile finishes and material combinations. Metals continue to be a key material for furniture, lighting and accessories, offering shimmering light and creative optical and tactile effects across interiors. Experimentations with materials and techniques are driving innovation in finishes, while perennial designs are updated in fresh form and material combinations.

1. Let there be light: use metallics to add light to interiors with high-shine gloss or subtle refractions from brushed or hammered finishes.

2. Go industrial: create a modern industrial look using low-shine finishes, dark metallics and industrial forms such as ribbing and piping.

3. Mix it up: combine metallics with contrasting materials and patterns such as marble, glass, velvet and wood to offer contrasting tactility.

4. Wear it in: weathered and patinated finishes will become increasingly accepted and desirable as consumers buy less, embrace resale and use items for longer. Lean into this with pre-patinated and multi-hued weathered finishes.