Dusen Dusen + Jen Stark’s Psychedelic Collab Of Summer-Ready Accessories

Ellen Van Dusen calls Brooklyn home, founded a textile and home goods line named Dusen Dusen, and has perfected the ubiquitous stripe pattern in such a distinct way that you can instantly recognize it at first glance. Jen Stark lives on the opposite coast in California, is known for her signature “drip” motif, and is the creative director for Waves Wine, canned wine brand with artful packaging. When the two decided to combine their creative styles for a joint project, the results were destined to be visually spectacular.

Launched just in time for summer weather, the Dusen Dusen x Waves Wine collaboration features a terry cloth beach towel and accompanying terry cloth beach tote that melts together Van Dusen’s stripes with Stark’s drips. The new psychedelic drip pattern is visually striking, conveying a sense of movement and depth. On the exterior of the tote, a pocket is perfectly sized to fit Waves Wine cans of white, red, or rosé wines.