Hermes Speedster

Porsche is a dominant force on the tarmac, and it makes every much of sense to witness it ride the serene water too. UK-based Seven Seas Yachts sees the German automotive giant’s classic Porsche 356 sports car dating back to 1959 as the perfect inspiration for an electric boat dubbed Hermes Speedster. Just like its vintage counterpart made car lovers skip a beat at every sight, this boat based on the design of the Gentleman’s runabout boats of the 1930s era oozes with luxury, style and comfort that only men with profound taste can associate with.

The stylish boat’s looks are exemplified by the chrome-framed windshield and the twin-grade air intakes. Even more so, the 356-styled convertible cloth top gives it that classic marque’s character while providing safety from inclement weather conditions. On the inside, it is as luxurious as you would have expected. The handcrafted bucket seats, steering wheel, switches, speakers and chrome-ringed gauges all bring that retro character back to this nostalgic electric boat. Five passengers (including the driver) can go for a ride on this Hermes Speedster E boat to relive the glorious days of the yesteryears. Ones who have already tasted the heritage of Porsche will want to own this one for sure.