Layer and Saga’s Holographic Exercise Bike

Experience design agency LAYER has designed and engineered the HoloBike for Saga, the world’s first holographic exercise bike that breaks the monotony of workouts with rich immersion. With sophisticated technology it virtually simulates 3D trail rides that users can look into and around without the need for specialized eyewear or a VR headset. A 27 inch ‘viewport’ screen acts as a 3D portal that allows stunning virtual scenes and holograms to pop off the screen or recede into the horizon for life-like rides. Additionally, a stereoscopic light-field display provides a 3D portal to these scenes with crystal-clear 4K resolution, unparalleled in the fitness industry.

In its design, the HoloBike amplifies this realism with a riding stance and visual expression that is closer to a performance bike than a conventional exercise bike. Its streamlined geometry and robust, performance-led engineering with fluid transitions is intended to appeal to a broad demographic, while its cantilevered form promotes a racing stance.