Lunchbox Lifestyles

Portable food and drink containers tap into consumer concerns around hygiene, easy portability and sustainability with practical, convenient designs.

Taking their own food and drink on the go helps consumers reduce single-use packaging and food waste – both growing concerns – as well as saving them money by eating home-cooked food. These products have gained relevance thanks to the  increasing focus on hygiene, allowing consumers to avoid shared utensils when eating at work or out and about.

1. Use sustainable materialsopt for more eco-friendly alternatives to plastic, such as bamboo or waxed cotton, to appeal to environmentally aware consumers.

2. Design for the commute: make it simple for consumers to carry containers on the go with modular lunch kits or collapsible silicone containers that can be easily stored when empty.

3. Recreate the comfort of home: offer products that help consumers to set the table for a meal wherever they are, from cloth napkins to cutlery.

4. Make cleaning easy: help consumers to feel reassured about the cleanliness of their reusables. This could include kits for hard-to-clean bottles, or food storage that can go in the dishwasher.