Need Some Motivation?

Productivity Tips

If you’re ready to jolt your productivity, I’ve got some quick little tips and tricks for Y-O-U. Whether you’re facing a big project at work or are a creative looking for inspiration, productivity equals happiness. And these tips will revamp your day and let you spend more time doing the things you love:

Know Your Peak Performance Hours: The genius 30/30 app operates on the idea that highest productivity happens when you focus on a single task, completely uninterrupted, for half an hour.

Keep It Simple: Don’t over-commit to long work hours, because you’ll just lose inspiration and stress yourself out. Makers stay creative on the daily by scheduling time for hobbies and creative projects.

Creative Space: We’re not going to brag, but we’re kind of pros on the whole workspace front. From organizational hacks to these workplace essentials we’ve got everything you need for the most productive office ever.

Sleep Habits: For obvious reasons, we’re totally behind the nap idea. And according to this infographic on the sleep habits of creative people, naps are definitely part of the creative process.

Morning Routines: You probably don’t want to hear this, but getting up early will give you extra time to get everything done in a more leisurely manner. Don’t worry, we’ve got a few tips and tricks on how to become a morning person.

Make That List: Whether you prefer an app or a good old-fashioned paper to-do list, the mere act of writing things down will inspire you to start checking them off.

Plan Ahead: Take some time on Sunday to plan out your entire week. Write down things that must be accomplished this week and then figure out how to divide it up into manageable pieces.

Make It a Habit: Instead of putting “be creative” on your to-do list every day, just make it a habit by scheduling it in at the same time every day

Eat Breakfast: How many times do you have to be told not to skip breakfast? It is good for your health and for your productivity, and we’ve got some amazing breakfast ideas that can be made in no time. There is literally no excuse left.