New Living Dynamics

Our relationship to the concept of home is changing, and so is what we do in this space and why. This entry explores how living scenarios and home habits are evolving.


Faced with an increasingly uncertain outside world – economically and environmentally – consumers around the world are choosing to stay at home.

In Korea, 82% of 20-somethings consider their home to be a positive space, and 61% value resting at home. In the US, consumers eat four out of five meals at home, and are increasingly drinking at home rather than heading out.

As we spend more time in the home and broadcasting from it, thanks to smartphones and home assistants, we’re also spending more money on it. For brands that aren’t currently active in the home space, this presents a significant expansion opportunity. For brands that already specialise in home, it’s time to double down on understanding what people want and need from this most important of spaces.