Sequal Seat by Layer

Among the countless social activities we’re most looking forward to, enjoying films on the big screen with others ranks high. Despite some already feeling safe enough to return to theaters, most of us still harbor rational concerns about attending communal events indoors for any extended period of time. The Sequel Seat by LAYER imagines what moviegoing may soon look like in a post-pandemic society, recognizing a new normal should include new seating.

While the Sequel Seats seem like a reactionary design, the concept was already 14 months in development before the pandemic turned the world upside down. Design agency LAYER retained the IP of the original design when theaters began shutting down operations; the agency used the time to pivot toward integrating technological solutions to instill a greater deal of confidence amongst cinema goers.

And let’s talk about those colors. LAYER describes the Sequel Seat’s color palette as “mid-century pastels,” referencing the twee hues associated with auteur, Wes Anderson’s films, a conscious departure from the “outdated black and burgundy palette of conventional seating.” Count us cautiously curious; the color combination indeed appears pleasing, but concerns remain about durability against stains becoming visible over time, alongside the distracting nature of light hued chairs compared to dark upholstery seating that typically disappear when the lights go down.