Shutterstock Identifies The Top Key Color Shades For 2022

Shutterstock has unveiled its annual color trends report, identifying the top key color shades for the year ahead. after analyzing millions of image downloads and pixel data, The global creative platform has determined that shades of green are predicated to be the most clickable color scheme for marketers and advertisers.

This year’s color trends report show a more muted, minimalist and soft approach compared to previous years. No flashy standouts, no neon highlights, nothing artificial — just simplicity and subtle elegance.

Artificial Intelligence Determined Performance Patterns And Success Rates Of Colors

Thanks to artificial intelligence, shutterstock was able to determine the performance pattern and success rate of ads employing specific colors. This year’s data shows that shades of green dominated in click-through rates and conversions. From extraterrestrial neon to tropical plant life, green is the core color associated with leading a healthy lifestyle — often included in fresh food marketing materials and to promote environmental efforts. Downloads on shutterstock of nature scenes, where green influences the visual palette, have increased year on year, with mountain aerial shots, For example, increasing in popularity by 1,396%.

The results say that serenity is the key in 2022 when it comes to selecting colors. The data highlights that designers are gravitating toward inner calmer tints and away from intense tones. Calming coral, velvet violet and pacific pink are the trio of serene colors that shutterstock thinks will set the aesthetic for 2022.

Calming Coral (#E9967A)

Calming coral (#E9967A) is a faintly fading peach that evokes a rusting, toned-down shade. Its warmth brings feelings of comfort and peace while depicting health and happiness. It works well with dusty yellows and pinks and can be contrasted with a sky blue to create a comforting natural palette.

Velvet Violet (#800080)

Exuding the lasting luxury and elegance of the royal orchid is velvet violet (#800080), a vibrant shade of purple with green undertones. Its natural complement is a contrasting shade of green, and its darker placement on the color spectrum serves as a base for flashy accents of the neon-electric sort.

Pacific Pink (#DB7093)

Pacific pink (#DB7093), a cotton candy pink, represents the perfect mix of vitality and tranquility. It looks great when paired with other pink and peachy tones and when applied to a complementary light teal, it can evoke the sun setting over a beach.