The New Home Office

Clever design solutions, from desks to lighting, are making working from home more organised, comfortable and feel-good.


With many of us now working from home, good design has never been so crucial. Clever solutions maximise space, are comfortable and flexible, and help facilitate better digital interactions among workers.

1.Make it comfortable: consider ways to modify existing chairs and desks to make them more ergonomic, such as add-on accessories or more comfortable materials.

2.Keep things organised: with many offices now popping up in spare or multipurpose rooms, develop clever desk and wall storage solutions that keep things tidy, but still close at hand.

3.Elevate the office: make desk spaces more special via luxe accessories. Offer tech solutions that facilitate easier, slicker digital communication and conferencing.

4.Add a dose of nature: with access to the outside world limited, offer desktop planters, use natural materials and create calming spaces.