Wellness Packaging

As the coronavirus crisis gathers pace and consumer anxiety around health and wellness issues escalates, wellbeing benefits are communicated on-pack, with new designs from reassuring slogans to scientific aesthetics.


Brands look to create packaging that communicates a sense of expertise and effective formulations with a friendly look and feel, to appeal to anxious and self-care-focused consumers. Sustainability is also a key concern, with 74% of UK consumers feeling more invested in the impact that products have on the planet as well as their health.

1. Go sustainable with packaging: opt for design-led packaging designs that can be reused or easily recycled for an eco-friendly approach.

2. Add a reassuring feel: as Covid-19 spreads across the globe and consumers experience heightened anxiety around staying healthy, offer reassurance with friendly, approachable slogans that make wellbeing feel manageable and


3. Make wellbeing feel premium: add an aspirational feel to wellness offerings such as a focus on sustainable unboxing or using a luxurious dark colour palette.

4. Emphasise quality formulas on pack: use natural calming tones to highlight a natural approach or science-inspired aesthetics to showcase effective, active ingredients